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Push It To the Limit Autoslalom Series

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The Wired Motorsports community motorsport site is currently in an archival status. Please visit here for the original site (still some valid and usable information on Amateur Motorsport in Ontario and Atlantic Canada).

This site is about community Motorsports. Amateur and Grassroots disciplines such as amateur Regional Racing, Solo 1 (Time Trial on a Road Course), Solo 2 (AutoCross/AutoX in a Parking Lot), ProSlalom (Head-to-Head Solo2/AutoX). It can easily be about more (Rally Racing, and sanctioned Drag Racing) but that depends on the contributors. Our concentration is on a level that typically doesn’t get much attention, but it is where many get started and it is surprisingly easy to get into. This site offers information, stories, opinion, photos, videos, results and scheduling of many regional Motorsports Events along with some unique findings throughout the Internet. Anyone is welcome to contribute event schedules, news releases, promotional messages, news items, results, photos, clips etc. The more contribution the more variety, the better the site. The idea of this Service (Community) site is to promote the sport and provide tools to help each club's site promote the sport as well. The site is generic and covers scheduling of events from a number of clubs and a different regions in Canada. We are trying to bring the regional groups together in some minor fashion.

Please go here for the archived site.

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